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8 WWE Characters Who Should Be Managers Right Now


Managing in WWE is a lost art and one that WWE should utilize more in the current era of wrestling. There are a number of characters in WWE—whether they are former wrestlers, announcers… Continue reading

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WWE’s 5 Worst Authority Figures of All Time


Whether they were on screen or off, WWE’s authority figure was there. Whether or not they were an effective powerful person, WWE’s authority figure was there. From Jack Tunney to Vickie Guerrero, we… Continue reading

Smackdown Rundown Episode 3


Welcome back GuTTWrenchers to another episode of Smackdown Rundown – brought to you by ProWrestlingPowerhouse.com! This week Graham “GSM” Matthews, the medical expert himself Louie Babcock and Sean Linhares all return. Listen to… Continue reading

Smackdown Rundown – Episode One


Hello GuttWrenchers! Yours truly is the new host of ProWrestlingPowerhouse Radio’s new show – Smackdown Rundown! This weekly podcast will review WWE Friday Night Smackdown and preview any upcoming pay per view events.… Continue reading

Can WWE Be Succesful With Two Babyface GMs?


For the first time since Bret Hart and Teddy Long, the general managers of both RAW and Smackdown are face. You may have considered AJ a tweener at some point in the last… Continue reading

A Collection of Pictures of WWE Superstars and Me!


Have you ever attended RAW? Smackdown? Have you ever attended a pre-event dinner before the show? WELL I HAVE! Through connections of mine, I have had free dinners and opportunities to meet and… Continue reading