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Who Will Be The Next WWE Tag Team Champions?


At Night of Champions 2012, Kane and Daniel Bryan won the WWE Tag Team Championship from R-Truth and Kofi Kingston. Since then, no tag team in WWE has been able to dethrone Team… Continue reading

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Ryback: A Heel Turn Is Coming


When the man formerly known as Skip Sheffield returned as Ryback, he immediately became a fan favorite. His catchphrase of “feed me more!” has surpassed that of Daniel Bryan’s “YES!” chants. However, after… Continue reading

WWE Pay-Per-Views: The Ideal 2013 Calendar


As we approach the first pay-per-view of 2013, WWE may need to reconsider how to produce the best schedule for their monthly events. In 2012, we witnessed a mere three weeks between pay-per-views… Continue reading

Oh You Didn’t Know? Ep 1 – Wrestling News and Rumors


PWP Radio Network brings to you a brand new show featuring all the news and rumors in the professional wrestling business. “Oh You Didn’t Know?” Radio is hosted by Seth Guttenplan and John… Continue reading