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12 Changes WWE Should Make in 2013


As we approach the end of 2012, it is a time for reflection and a time to consider changes that WWE should make for the upcoming New Year. This year had its positives… Continue reading

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AJ Lee: Why She Needs the WWE Divas Championship Now


The divas division continues to reflect something I left in the toilet after my Thanksgiving meal on Thursday. There is a very simple way for WWE to improve the divas’ situation – give… Continue reading

WWE’s 5 Worst Authority Figures of All Time


Whether they were on screen or off, WWE’s authority figure was there. Whether or not they were an effective powerful person, WWE’s authority figure was there. From Jack Tunney to Vickie Guerrero, we… Continue reading

8 Better Options for Raw Managing Supervisor


Excuse me! I said Excuse me! In front of her hometown crowd, New Jersey native, AJ Lee was forced to resign as Raw general manager. Vickie Guerrero was then assigned to be the… Continue reading

GuTTWrench PowerNews – AJ Talks About Missing Wrestling


Although AJ is no longer the general manager of Raw, it seems as though she may have wanted to get out of the role sooner rather than later.