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WWE Pay-Per-Views: What Is the Best Option for June 2013?


Almost two weeks ago, WWE released its 2013 pay-per-view schedule to media affiliates, according to LordsofPain.net. However, June’s show is still to be determined. This past June’s pay-per-view, No Way Out was somewhat… Continue reading

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WWE Pay-Per-Views: The Ideal 2013 Calendar


As we approach the first pay-per-view of 2013, WWE may need to reconsider how to produce the best schedule for their monthly events. In 2012, we witnessed a mere three weeks between pay-per-views… Continue reading

Blair Lucas’ Match of The Day (Monday, November 12th, 2012)


Being a wrestling fan since 1994, I have seen some amazing wrestling matches. Growing up, I’ve learned to appreciate more than just WWE, digging into WCW, ECW, ROH and international wrestling promotions. Every… Continue reading