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Ryback: A Heel Turn Is Coming


When the man formerly known as Skip Sheffield returned as Ryback, he immediately became a fan favorite. His catchphrase of “feed me more!” has surpassed that of Daniel Bryan’s “YES!” chants. However, after… Continue reading

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John Cena, Goldberg, Live Events & More News, Rumors, Analysis from PWP Radio


The Pro Wrestling Powerhouse Radio Network provides you with at least three different radio shows each week! With entertaining insight on the world of professional wrestling, this is the only radio network that you… Continue reading

WWE: What Does Ryback Need to Do to Silence the Critics and Become Champion?


Ryback is the true definition of an enigma at this point in his career. Whether that is the fault of WWE booking or not is completely up for debate, but the questions surrounding… Continue reading

Ranking the 10 Most Misused Wrestlers in WWE History


No wrestling company has created more bona-fide stars over the years than the WWE. Hulk Hogan, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Rock and John Cena are just a few examples, but there have… Continue reading