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Marty Jannetty of the Rockers and 10 Weak-Links of Past WWE Tag Teams


After WWE Payback, Daniel Bryan went on a rampage where he felt everyone considered him the weak-link in Team Hell No. As we think about past WWE tag teams, one must wonder who… Continue reading

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Oh You Didn’t Know!? – Special Blossom Twins Edition


Oh You Didn’t Know!? Host Seth M. Guttenplan brought you a special edition episode featuring TNA British Boot Camp contestants The Blossom Twins! Listen to our show as we discussed TNA British Boot… Continue reading

Top 20 WWE Greatest Survivor Series Teams Ever


After a quarter century of WWE Survivor Series matches, wherein teams of 4, 5, or even 10, try to outdo one another in the name of survival bragging rights, certain teams have stood… Continue reading

Power Ranking the 10 Greatest British WWE Wrestlers of All Time


With the WWE touring Great Britain over the past week and holding both RAW and SmackDownin England, it has brought a great deal of attention to how big the WWE is across the pond. Great Britain… Continue reading