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WWE Attitude Era: 5 Fantasy Feuds for Randy Orton


What if it was possible to transport our favorite WWE Superstars back to the infamous Attitude Era? Which current WWE Superstar would be able to survive the TV-14 mayhem?  Which Attitude Era wrestlers would… Continue reading

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JBL Climbing Mountains and the 10 Coolest Things Wrestlers Have Done for Charity


John Bradshaw Layfield made headlines when he decided to climb the seven highest mountains in the world to raise money for charity. This was not even close to being the first time a… Continue reading

Should WWE Pay Tribute to Deceased Superstars at WWE Raw 20th Anniversary?


Over the course of the 20 years that Monday Night Raw has been on the air, there have been hundreds upon hundreds of wrestlers that have left their mark on the show. Sadly, many of… Continue reading