WWE: Why Turning Ryback Heel Right Now Would Be a Mistake



At this time a year ago, I was highly anticipating the return of Ryback to the main roster. Prior to his stint as Ryback, he worked as Skip Sheffield, having debuted on the inaugural season of WWE NXT and was later a crucial member of the Nexus stable.

After suffering a severe ankle injury in August 2010, Sheffield was sidelined indefinitely with no return date in sight. In his absence, he was repackaged as an unstoppable monster named Ryback and worked as a heel at live events in late 2011.

At that point, I couldn’t wait for Ryback to resurface on television, merely because he had potential to be one of WWE’s top stars as a ruthless monster. If you saw his path of destruction during his time with the Nexus, you know that he was capable of much more destructivity than some gave him credit for.

However, one report that was released during the time that Ryback was still inactive stated that Vince McMahon was incredibly high on his character and saw him as the future No. 2 babyface of the company. I took the report with a grain of salt since Ryback was such a fantastic heel, but I simply couldn’t imagine the Cornfed Meathead as one of WWE’s top faces.

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