5 WrestleMania 29 Replacements For Jack Swagger



Jack Swagger’s DUI arrest has the WWE creative team working overtime this weekend. Rumor has it that the team is coming up with a new plan for the WrestleMania 29 WHC match. Here is a quick look at five superstars that could step in for Swagger and take that coveted spot.

There is no confirmation yet as to whether Swagger will be pulled from his match with Alberto Del Rio for the WWE world heavyweight championship. However, rumors are swirling that will indeed be the case. Protocol is for Swagger to at least get a suspension and most would presume that the WWE would rather change gears than promote a match with one of the participants unavailable.

So I took a quick look up and down the roster and came up with five guys that could easily step in for Swagger, with the right angle of course, and challenge Del Rio at WrestleMania. I tried to keep it realistic as opposed to throwing guys like The Undertaker or Brock Lesnar in there. The beauty of this mess is that the WWE has ..click here to read more

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