Hulk Hogan Says Bret Hart Was A Cheap Champion

For a guy that has been retired for over a decade (somewhat), Bret Hart continues to stay in the wrestling news. Whether he ripping one of his former WWE colleagues or being ripped, his name won’t go away and the latest to bring it up is his former buddy Hulk Hogan.

Hogan and Hart have had an on again off again friendship for years. The most famous story regarding these two is that Hogan didn’t want to pass the torch to Hart back when they were in the WWF together. Hogan refused to work with Hart at a SummerSlam, thus creating a rift that just won’t seem to go away.

Hart has been much more outspoken about Hogan over the last decade than vice versa. Hart never passes up a chance to take a cheap shot at Hogan or his in-ring abilities. This time it was Hogan taking a cheap shot at Bret…literally.

Hogan gave an interview to Fighting Spirit Magazine out of the United Kingdom. The magazine released an excerpt online in which they ask Hogan about Bret. As you’d probably expect here to read more

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