John Cena Is The WWE Royal Rumble 2013 Winner

The 2013 WWE Royal Rumble results were probably the most predictable of recent years. John Cena eliminated Ryback to win the Royal Rumble and The Rock won the WWE championship from CM Punk. The two will collide once again at this year’s WrestleMania 29.

This year’s Rumble was worlds more exciting than last year’s with a few surprises. The Rumble started off with the first surprise as Chris Jericho entered at #2 to start off with Dolph Ziggler. I read and heard a lot of rumors before the show but this was not one of them. Jericho was a well kept surprise. Jericho and Ziggler picked right up where their feud left off last fall. Cody Rhodes was third which gave the heels a two-on-one advantage.

Santino Marella was the first one eliminated, shortly after he entered at #5. Goldust was another surprise entry. He and his brother Cody went at it which he’d actually been building up on Twitter. The 2012 Rumble winner Sheamus entered at #11. He eliminated Titus Young and David Otunga quickly. Cody wound up eliminating Goldust. I think there is more to come between those guys with a possible WrestleMania match.

Kofi did a fun spot where he fell onto Tensai’s back outside of the ring but did not touch the floor. Kofi then asked JBL for a chair. Kofi then hopped on the chair like a pogo stick and made it back to the ring. He’s certainly no John Morrison is he? Unfortunately he was eliminated quickly by Cody once he made it back inside of the ring.

The Godfather was another surprise entrant at #17. Unfortunately he was eliminated within seconds by Dolph Ziggler. As a matter of a fact his music was still playing as he got eliminated. This year’s favorite John Cena entered the Rumble more

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