WWE Wrestler of the Week: January 11th -17th, 2013


This week’s WWE Wrestler of the Week is not just one superstar, but two. I am not cheating in any way because this week the winner is a tag team. Although Alberto Del Rio shocked us all when he won the World Heavyweight Championship, he didn’t have a match at all on Raw. On the other hand, our tag team winners were successful in matches on both Raw and SmackDown, in addition to another hilarious backstage segment on Raw. This week’s winners are Kane and Daniel Bryan, also known as Team Hell No.

On the edition of SmackDown that aired on January 11th, Team Hell No faced off against the Prime Time Players. Although the PTPs were the number one contenders for the tag titles not long ago, Team Rhodes Scholars have taken their place. As a result, the PTPs have become another jobbing tag team. This match was not any different. Kane delivered a chokeslam to Darren Young for the win. This match seemed like it was just another excuse to give Team Hell No an easy win and some TV time. Prime Time Players are not a serious threat to the tag titles at this time.

On Raw’s 20th anniversary show, Team Hell No were in separate singles matches against Team Rhodes Scholars, but before we discuss those matches, the highlight for me came backstage.

Dr. Shelby made his return to WWE TV for a follow up session with Kane and Daniel Bryan on their anger management. Shelby brought in Team Rhodes Scholars to provoke Team Hell No, but instead they seemed to provoke Shelby. Team Hell No’s therapist was amusing as usual, getting frustrated with Rhodes Scholars so much that he joined Kane and Daniel Bryan in a YES! chant.

I’ve said this when Dr. Shelby first began appearing on WWE ..read more

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