WWE Royal Rumble 2013: 7 Superstars Who Could Win the Match Again


The WWE Royal Rumble is the most exhilarating and unpredictable pay-per-view of the year. Since 1988, the Royal Rumble match has granted its victor a chance to challenge any World champion at WrestleMania.

Out of 25 Royal Rumble matches, Hulk Hogan (two), Shawn Michaels (two) and Stone Cold Steve Austin (three) are the only WWE Superstars who have won more than once.

This year, I have a feeling that another member of the WWE roster will join Hogan, Michaels and Austin as the only wrestlers to win the Rumble on more than one occasion.

Have a look at the seven WWE Superstars most likely to win the Royal Rumble for a second time in 2013.

To find out who the seven superstars who could win the Royal Rumble again are, click here.

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