Daily Archive: January 16, 2013

Oh You Didn’t Know!? Ep 10 – Wrestling News and Rumors with Indy Wrestler Grey Wolf


OH YOU DIDN’T KNOW CAME TO YOU LIVE WITH A SPECIAL GUEST WEDNESDAY JANUARY 16TH AT 9PM EST! Oh You Didn’t Know!? Host Seth M. Guttenplan brought you another episode, this time with… Continue reading

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WWE 2013 Royal Rumble Predictions: 10 Surprise Entrants


One of the most fun parts of the WWE Royal Rumble is the surprises. WWE fans are generally treated to a legend or returning superstar. Let’s make some predictions and take a look… Continue reading

Dolph Ziggler and A.J. Lee: Where Is Their Relationship Going?


When A.J. Lee turned on John Cena and began her relationship with Dolph Ziggler, it was her seventh romance in WWE. Is there any reason to believe that eventually A.J. won’t turn on… Continue reading

Is The Shield Just Another New World Order Rip-Off in WWE?


The Shield is a three-man group that ambushes WWE superstars in hopes of making a change in the company. Sound familiar? The New World Order, or NWO, began as a three-man group that… Continue reading