WWE: What Does Ryback Need to Do to Silence the Critics and Become Champion?



Ryback is the true definition of an enigma at this point in his career. Whether that is the fault of WWE booking or not is completely up for debate, but the questions surrounding the direction of his career have been abundant.

Many critics and members of the illustrious IWC have been extremely harsh on Ryback since his debut with WWE. Some have said that he doesn’t have any stamina and struggles to breath during his matches. Others have said he doesn’t know how to wrestle and shouldn’t even have a spot on the roster.

Understand that he is a big, musclebound professional wrestler whom many purists of the sport cannot identify with. His move set is minimal and he will never give you a catch-as-catch-can classic.

There are undeniable similarities between Ryback and other monstrous wrestlers from yesteryear. Whether you want to compare him to Ultimate Warrior, Goldberg, Batista or Scott Norton, there is no denying that they all hold similar traits. All of these men were huge, intimidating, intense and lacked that technical ability that so many out there treasure.

However, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of telling good stories and putting on solid matches.

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