Randy Orton Could Be Behind the Shield’s Attacks on Ryback


The Shield debuted at WWE Survivor Series 2012 by attacking Ryback and securing that CM Punk retained the WWE Championship in a Triple Threat Match that also involved John Cena. While The Shield has targeted other superstars, their main focus has been on Ryback.

I wrote an article right here on Bleacher Report back on June 5, 2012 about howRyback could be the guy to fill the void left by Randy Orton near the top of the card when Orton was suspended for a wellness violation.

Truth be told, I wasn’t too far off in my prediction. I did see Ryback getting pushed to the moon earlier than he did, but it did take place in just a few short months. Since Randy Orton returned to WWE, he has been riddled with injuries and hasn’t been a main focus in the World Heavyweight Championship picture.

Ryback has stepped up and become an easy top five babyface on the roster. He has somewhat taken the spot of Randy Orton in various WWE Championship situations.

Would Randy Orton consider this an injustice?

Is it possible that Randy Orton could in fact be the leader of The Shield? With rumors of a heel turn in the future and consistent denials coming from CM Punk and Paul Heyman of involvement, could Randy Orton be the one pulling the strings?

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