WWE Royal Rumble 2013: Will Kane’s Elimination Record Be Broken by Ryback?



In 2001, Kane set the record for eliminating the most men in a single Royal Rumble match with 11.

The dominance shown by Kane has not been seen since and may never be seen again. He made an amazing run for nearly 55 minutes in 2001 before being struck by a chair and eliminated by Stone Cold Steve Austin in the final elimination of the match.

Kane has been involved in the most Royal Rumbles in WWE history (including his previous personas as The Fake Diesel and Dr. Isaac Yankem) and may be the most accomplished Rumble participant without winning over that period of time.

If Kane is able to eliminate more than three wrestlers in this year’s Rumble, he will pass Shawn Michaels for the most overall eliminations in history.

2012 saw a serious rejuvenation in the career of Kane thanks to a perfectly timed feud at the top of the card involving CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee. Once again, Kane was able to showcase his versatility and regain momentum that could have been lost in the early part of the year.

I expect to see another fantastic performance from Kane in the 2013 Royal Rumble. Hell, I expect Kane to be a major factor.

However, if one man is able to break Kane’s record for most eliminations in a single Royal Rumble, Ryback will be the one to do it.

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