WWE: 5 Wrestlers That May Return in 2013



The beginning of each and every year in the WWE signifies the start of the major push towards WrestleMania. The Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber, respectively, are also two of the biggest shows WWE has each and every year.

While post-WrestleMania season always seems to be the time when a “spring cleaning” occurs and WWE releases a large amount of talent, this year may see the return of numerous superstars from years past.

In this slideshow, I will give you 5 professional wrestlers that have graced the grand stage of WWE in years past, but may see a return to the most famous squared circle in the world in 2013.

Are they all guaranteed to happen? Absolutely not. None of them are. Some may seem a little outside the box for your tastes.

There is no denying that each wrestler has kept an active career and would benefit both themselves and the WWE if a return were to happen.

Without further ado, here are 5 wrestlers that may return to WWE in 2013!

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