Daily Archive: December 28, 2012

WWE: Lord Tensai and the 25 Biggest Epic Failures of 2012


Throughout the course of 2012, we’ve borne witness to some of the most memorable moments in WWE history, including Brock Lesnar’s shocking return, CM Punk’s epic heel turn on Raw 1000, and Dolph… Continue reading

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WWE: The Return of the New Age Outlaws Will Help Many Young Tag Teams


There is absolutely nothing negative you can say about the return of The New Age Outlaws to the WWE tag team division. Whether it is just for a run on the house show circuit or… Continue reading

WWE Hall of Fame 2013: Is It Possible That the NWO Could Be Inducted?


The New World Order changed the face of wrestling history on July 7, 1996 when they formed at WCW “Bash at the Beach.” In this article, I will give you definitive reasons why… Continue reading

WWE Royal Rumble 2013: Could Dolph Ziggler Possibly Win?


Since the Money in the Bank briefcase came into existence back in 2005, I always wondered what would happen if the man holding the briefcase also went on to win the Royal Rumble.… Continue reading

WWE Wrestler Of The Week: December 21-27th 2012


Welcome to the third edition of WWE Wrestler of the Week! So far Sheamus and Kofi Kingston have taken the honors, however this week the wrestler of the week is very different from… Continue reading

WWE Pay-Per-Views: The Ideal 2013 Calendar


As we approach the first pay-per-view of 2013, WWE may need to reconsider how to produce the best schedule for their monthly events. In 2012, we witnessed a mere three weeks between pay-per-views… Continue reading