WWE Survivor Series 2012 Buyrate Analysis



I am not a big fan of WWE pay per view buyrates but every once in awhile they matter. The WWE Survivor Series 2012 buyrate is one of them. The headline this year is that the show did not deliver the big numbers past Series events have drawn.

The Wrestling Observer has the full breakdown but the numbers are in for Survivor Series and whether they are good or not will depend on your criteria. The number came in at 212,000 buys for a show headlined by John Cena vs. CM Punk vs. Ryback for the WWE championship in a Triple Threat Match.

The number is getting bashed on most wrestling blogs and websites. The story here is that the number is way down from last year and the lowest in Survivor Series history. Last year’s number featuring the return of The Rock did 281,000 buys which was considered a bit of a disappointment. If 281k was a disappointment, Vince McMahon must be having an ulcer from this year’s numbers.

Digging deeper in the numbers, the show did a domestic buyrate of 122,000 which is down from 155,000 from Hell in a Cell. That is practically unheard of! Some have pointed to GSP’s return the night before impacting business but I think that is a bit of a cop out. The obvious takeaways here is that the Ryback factor drew the bigger number last time and that CM Punk in a routine match is just not a draw.

I am probably in the minority here who think that the number is actually pretty good. 212,000 buys in 2012 for a pay per view with a headliner you’d see on any other pay per view is impressive to me. Comparing the number to Brock Lesnar’s return which drew 263,000 buys, I think that is pretty ..read more

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