WWE Pushed to Punished, Edition 24: The Souring Stagnation of Carlito



At the start of December, I renewed my Pushed to Punished series for an additional five editions, with one being posted each weekend over the course of the month. For those unfamiliar with my weekly column, I reminisce on the controversial career of a past or present WWE Superstar and attempt to analyze what led to their eventual downfall.

This week, I be tackling the topic of one of the biggest bad apples in WWE history, who was once seen as a future World champion and a breakout star. As you can probably tell, I’m referring to none other than the artist formerly known as Carlito.

In late 2004, vignettes began to air on the SmackDown brand promoting his eventual WWE debut. Although he was originally known as Carlito Caribbean Cool, his in-ring name was later shortened to simply Carlito.

Based upon his various video packages, Carlito was portrayed as a laid back character who ate apples and often referred to things as either “cool” or “not cool.” He also had the tendency to spit said apples in people’s faces, thus making him a hateable heel.

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