Mike Tyson Talks Steve Austin, The Shield, WWE, & More



Mike Tyson has not only appeared on numerous WWE events, but has been a big part of WWE history. Still an avid WWE fan, Tyson follows the business closely which makes him a fascinating interview when it comes to talking about pro wrestling.

Tyson sat down with ESPN to promote the WWE 13 video game. Tyson is a playable character in the game and appears to be having a lot of fun promoting it. The WWE Hall of Famer had some interesting things to say to ESPN, but most fascinating to me were his reflections on the historic night Steve Austin popped him the finger on Monday Night RAW.

“I didn’t want it to ever stop. I was living the lifestyle. I was living the dream. You’re talking crap to the bad guys and doing whatever you want. I never wanted it to stop. That’s why when you’re on top, like Tony Atlas and them, you gotta go to drugs. How do you get back to that high? All the cocaine, LSD in the world can’t get you that high back. How do you get that high back? You can’t get that high with cocaine and heroin like you think you could. You can’t get it. This is the only natural high that can supersede drugs.”

“That excitement from the WWE. You see, most of these guys when they finish, they can’t control it, they can’t handle it. You think this stuff is easy to handle when you have people screaming at you? You might not be in a good mood, so you say, “To hell with you.” They scream at these guys. After Vince McMahon makes these guys big stars, they go one way, and the wrestlers go another way. So now they have to handle that. Vince can’t protect these guys ..read more

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