WWE Officials Reportedly Unhappy With Sheamus



2012 has been the year of Sheamus. The WWE entered the year with a focus on rebuilding Sheamus and pushing him as the number-two star in the WWE behind John Cena. One year later the focus could be much different entering 2013.

A new report indicates that WWE officials are not happy with Sheamus. The report says that WWE officials are not impressed with the connection or lack thereof that he has made with the fans over the last year. According to the report the WWE are ready to replace the former world heavyweight champion if he can’t turn it around shortly.

I can’t say I am surprised. Sheamus’ direction as a babyface has been absolutely awful and this comes from a guy that was rooting for Sheamus to succeed. His character has been a complete turnoff to the point where I actually turn the channel most of the time he is on. His over the top smiling and horrible jokes make him look more like a complete goof than the gritty brawler fans bought into the last time he was on top.

The irony here is that WWE officials are unimpressed yet they are the ones writing those terrible jokes and creating this happy-go-lucky character that Sheamus has been saddled with. The biggest difference in Sheamus today as opposed to pre-push is that he has lost his edge. Sheamus was seen as a no-nonsense, Irish bar brawler where today he comes off as corny and unauthentic. While it is Sheamus’ job to pull it off, the WWE creative team certainly bares a lot of responsibility with his failure to connect.

I have heard some people accuse Sheamus’ character of having neo-Nazi undertones. I think that may be a bit strong but there is something to billing a guy simply as “The Great White”. ..read more

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