Monthly Archive: December, 2012

WWE WrestleMania 29: What Will Happen with Daniel Bryan and Kane?


Two major foes became unlikely friends in 2012 and took the WWE Universe by storm. Daniel Bryan and Kane, collectively known as “Team Hell No”, have been intertwined for the entire second half… Continue reading

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WWE: Power Ranking the Top 5 Episodes of Monday Night Raw in 2012


Tonight, WWE will air its final episode of Monday Night Raw in 2012. As the countdown to midnight continues, tonight’s Raw will feature several of title matches to conclude the year with a… Continue reading

Stone Cold Steve Austin Talks John Cena In The WWE Attitude Era

by recently tackled a fun hypothetical question. How would John Cena fare in the Attitude Era? Who better to ask than the king of the Attitude Era himself, Stone Cold Steve Austin. The… Continue reading

WWE: All Signs Point to AJ Lee vs. Eve Torres at WrestleMania 29


One of the biggest topics throughout the year was the focus on two WWE Divas that solidified their place on the card through hard work and perfect execution of the situations they were… Continue reading

WWE Pushed to Punished, Edition 25: The Charismatic Crumble of Christian


Over the past month, I’ve analyzed the controversial careers of a variety of past and present WWE Superstars as a part of my weekly “Pushed to Punished” series. With this being the final… Continue reading

The Rock: Why He Should Not Become WWE Champion


The Rock is one of the most popular superstars to ever compete in the WWE. Whether you love him or hate him, most will agree that he is entertaining, humorous and “electrifying.” I… Continue reading

WWE WrestleMania 29: Who Will Brock Lesnar Fight This Coming April?


A big question going into this coming WrestleMania is who Brock Lesnar will fight during the huge event. While Brock currently is “not under contract” to WWE within the context of the storyline,… Continue reading