Matt and Jeff Hardy Back To The WWE In 2013?

The WWE Attitude Era is in the midst of a bit of a resurgence thanks to the WWE 13 video game. Maybe that is why fans are clamoring for a return to the WWE of one of their favorite Attitude Era tag teams. According to one half of that team, that reunion may come sooner than you think.

Matt Hardy has been making the rounds of pro wrestling podcasts and radio shows lately. Matt is often asked about reuniting with his brother Jeff Hardy but the question is generally more wishful thinking than reality. Fortunately for fans of the Hardy Boys that reality is dictating a much different answer to this often asked question.

Matt was asked about reuniting with Jeff in the WWE in 2013 on the Passing The Torch radio show and his answer is making plenty of news this week.

“Very likely!”

The possibility is certainly a reality with Matt being a free agent and Jeff’s contract coming up in a couple of months. It can’t make TNA Wrestling officials happy that there world champion’s brother is publicly indicating that their champion is very likely to be WWE bound in 2013. Jeff has remained rather mum on his plans but this would be the first big indicator that the WWE is looking to get back into the Hardy business.

Now at the same time I don’t want to lose sight here in that Matt may be doing some fine negotiating work for his brother. Jeff has said all of the right things when asked about staying in TNA. Maybe Matt is dropping this bomb in hopes of getting TNA to increase their offer? I would not be surprised to see Jeff repudiate this publicly, yet be all on board behind the scenes.

Ironically when it comes to Jeff and Matt it is Matt more

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