Top 5 Heels the Miz Should Feud with in WWE

With the Miz finally joining the good side, we are about to witness new feuds and matches involving the Awesome One.

The Miz has already been through it all. He is a Triple Crown winner, former U.S. Champion and Money in the Bank winner.

So where should WWE begin the Miz babyface era? Does he need to start at the bottom and become a mid-card champion? Or will the Miz get a jump-start to the main event right away?

While the WWE takes their time deciding what to do with the Miz, we here at Bleacher Report will use that time to speculate the various feuds the Miz can be involved in now that he is a babyface.

Let the speculation begin with the top five heels the Miz should feud with in WWE.

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