nWo: The Revolution WWE DVD Review

One of the most anticipated WWE DVD released I can remember has to be this three-disc set. I went out as soon as I had a chance and bought the new documentary, “nWo: the Revolution.” Granted they put out a documentary of one of the most influential groups in the last 20 years about ten years ago, yet I was excited for the new material for this DVD release and a different perspective. Throughout this blog, I’ll be giving some of my thoughts on what was discussed in the documentary.

“We shall rule FOR LIFE!” proclaims the leader, Hulk Hogan in the opening scene of the documentary.

The documentary opens with the explanation of Jim Crockett Promotions being sold to Ted Turner. In 1993 Eric Bischoff came in and took office and the book, and came up with the brilliant idea of the invasion. Bischoff followed a long line of WCW bookers who had very short lives.

Jimmy Hart was interviewed and talked about the heel turn Hogan did at the Bash of the Beach 1996 pay-per-view, when he dropped the leg on Randy Savage and revealed that he was the third man with the Outsiders. Jimmy mentioned that he had been managing Hogan since he came into WCW. He also mentioned that over the two plus years that Hogan’s been getting more and more boos monthly, so in his opinion it was about time WCW gave the fans what they wanted and turn Hogan heel.

In an interview that was done ten years before for the first documentary, the 2002 Hulk Hogan mentioned that it made sense for him to lead the invading group because the Hulk Hogan character was head-to-toe New York made. He became famous up in the WWE in the 1980s and early 1990s and helped make the company what ..read more

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