WWE Survivor Series 2012: Team Cena vs. Team Punk Would Have Been Better


CM Punk and John Cena are no strangers to what each other are capable of when they get into the ring together. From their WWE Money in the Bank 2011 match to their Night of Champions 2012 match, Cena and Punk have put on some of the best matches of the PG era.

Survivor Series is about history. It’s about tradition. No wonder it’s almost Thanksgiving. A holiday all about history and tradition as many holidays are. Does anyone remember when WWE Survivor Series was always on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving?

What better tradition than having the best feud in PG era history captain opposite teams?

We see a ton of short-term feuds these days. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan is a prime example of this. After losing the World Heavyweight Championship to Sheamus at WrestleMania, Bryan entered a feud with Punk that saw some of the best matches all year including their showdown at Over the Limit. Even Punk and Ryback have only recently begun to feud with one another. WWE is notorious for dropping angles and storylines, so we should not be surprised.

Whether it is Punk and Foley, Punk and Ryback or Foley and Ziggler, no match up would get as much attention, intrigue or meaning than Team Punk and Team Cena.

When you talk about Cena and Punk, you are talking about the top two stars in WWE. John Cena has been the top babyface of the company for the last several years. While Punk has spent time on both sides of good and evil, WWE is clearly pushing him as the top heel since Raw 1000.

If a traditional Survivor Series match is going to be the main event of the show, then the captains of each team should be the top face and heel of the company.

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