TNA Wrestling Turning Point 2012 Results – Hardy Retains, Storm Wins

TNA Wrestling returned to pay per view Sunday night with Turning Point 2012. The show will be remembered for a headliner that some will argue was one of the greatest main-events in Impact Wrestling history featuring Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries.

The biggest takeaway from Turning Point 2012 to me was the hellacious main-event between Aries and Hardy. I think there is a fine line between finesse and insanity when it comes to these kinds of ladder match. Hardy and Aries walked that line in a match that I found myself cringing at various times. Whether this was a great or a bad wrestling match is all about your tastes and what you want when you watch professional wrestling.

Jeff Hardy retained the TNA world heavyweight championship in the main-event against Austin Aries in a ladder match. The brutality in this ladder match is something I would have never expected in a WWE or TNA main-event. Undercard yes, but headlining match no. The match was about as action-packed as you’ll ever see in a TNA main-event.

The match was full of big bumps and crazy spots so if that is your thing, go out of your way to watch this one. The upside here for Hardy is that if he is leaving for the WWE in 2013 he probably won’t be expected to pull off anything like this. For Aries it was a pivotal moment in his career which unfortunately may have been shortened thanks to this match. Hardy climbed the ladder to retrieve his belt at 21:10 after Aries tumbled to ringside courtesy of a Twist of Fate onto a ladder.

It would appear that Hardy’s next challenger will be James Storm. Storm won a 3-Way Match to determine a number one contender over Bobby Roode and A.J. Styles. The story of this more

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