Blair Lucas’ Match of The Day (Monday, November 12th, 2012)


Being a wrestling fan since 1994, I have seen some amazing wrestling matches. Growing up, I’ve learned to appreciate more than just WWE, digging into WCW, ECW, ROH and international wrestling promotions.

Every day, I will share a match that I think are worth watching over and over again. These are elite matches of the highest order. These are matches worthy of being called Blair Lucas’ Match of The Day.


Would Bret Hart & Curt Hennig be able to top their amazing IC match at Summerslam ’91?

While I loved Hennig’s heel actions in the Summerslam match (which included slapping Earl Hebner around), he’s a face here and I cannot deny how much both guys upped their game tremendously.

Hennig was back after his back injury, better than ever, and Hart has completely come into his own as a singles competitor.

There is a lot more fast paced action here and, as I said earlier, both guys are amazing at selling moves, Bret especially. He successfully makes every move done on him by Hennig look devastating.

The amazing thing is that Bret wrestled for 20 minutes here, then went on to wrestle Bam Bam Bigelow in the KOTR finals for almost another 20 minutes. Once again, Hennig took the loss to Bret, giving Bret the opportunity to win the tournament, shooting his career even further to the moon.

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