GuTTWrench PowerNews – AJ Talks About Missing Wrestling

Although AJ is no longer the general manager of Raw, it seems as though she may have wanted to get out of the role sooner rather than later.

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Prior to returning to the squared circle on Raw Monday, AJ Lee appeared on The Opie & Anthony Show where she remarked on how much she missed competing in the ring and how prior to assuming the the role of General Manager of Raw, she felt she didn’t need to focus on anything else besides wrestling. However, after being thrust into the authority figure role, she realized how there is so much more to the professional wrestling industry than grappling techniques.

“I was like, ‘I’m just going to wrestle and I don’t need to do anything else. And, I would hear so much advice that there’s so much more to this business than that,” said Lee. There are so many levels and ways for people to connect to you. And, I didn’t get it until I was thrust into this role (as Raw GM) and learned from everybody else that was in it. Now, I appreciate that part of it more than I ever did before. So, I miss the wrestling, but I know that there’s time for that.”

Lee also sheds light on what it takes to be able to cry on camera. Her remarks are available at


Seth’s Opinion

I never understood the reason behind putting AJ in the role of general manager of Raw. She is one of the best female wrestlers WWE has. She is one of the ONLY female wrestlers WWE has right now. I thought it had to do with her drawing power and WWE wanting to give her as much air time as possible. However, WWE chose to make her general manager after wanting us to believe that she was mentally unstable. How much sense did that make? None. Having AJ become a wrestler again should do wonders for the divas division. I would love to see her against Eve for the Divas Championship at WrestleMania in her hometown of New Jersey.

What do you think? Do you prefer AJ as a general manager or wrestler?

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