WWE Hell In A Cell 2012 Results – Punk Retains, Show Wins


WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 was more anticipated for the finish of its main-event than anything else on the entire pay per view. CM Punk vs. Ryback would end a streak and continue another in what will become one of the most debated finishes of any match in this era.

CM Punk retained the WWE championship over Ryback. I am still not sure whether I liked the finish of this one or not. The match was actually pretty good, a lot better than I expected. The story here is that Punk was scared of Ryback throughout the match. Ryback was dominating Punk until Paul Heyman unleashed a fire extinguisher on Ryback from outside. Punk also used a kendo stick on Ryback. Once Ryback recovered he took control of Punk. Ryback finally got Punk up for Shellshock but referee Brad Maddox stopped him and nailed Ryback with a low blow, Punk rolled up Ryback, the referee counted a fast three and declared Punk the winner.

Ryback destroyed the referee as expected after the match. He then chased Punk all of the way on to the top of the cage. Ryback finally got Punk and dropped him on top of the cage.

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