WWE Hell in a Cell 2012: Ranking the Bloodiest Matches in Hell in a Cell History


Over the course of the last 15 years, the Hell in a Cell match has been used to conclude some of the most iconic rivalries in WWE history. Just the sight of the cell can make a viewer cringe, as the affliction and agony that the match ensues could very well shorten the career of any wrestler who dare step inside it.

Since making its historic debut at Bad Blood 1997, a total of 25 Hell in a Cell matches have occurred. While not every bout was memorable, a handful of them had their fair share of blood, which happened mostly in the match’s earlier years rather than in the PG era.

Of course, the sight of blood enhances any match according to most wrestling fans, but only if it is used and done effectively. Satan’s structure has been home to some of the bloodiest bouts in WWE history, which I’ll attempt to rank here from the least gory to the most sanguinary.

As a disclaimer, I advise you read no further if you get queasy or nauseous at the sight of crimson, as things are about to get messy.

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